Monthly Archives: September 2016

Bob Wilke Named President of HMA

The Hobby Manufacturers Association board members elected Bob Wilke as the new HMA president. His new role took effect immediately. He replaced Richard Janyszek of Bachmann Industries.

Wilke is also the president of HobbyTown. A HobbyTown press release stated: “Bob believes that this is an opportunity to serve as a voice for the brick-and-mortar retailers and bring attention to the need of the industry to address several issues that impact retailer profitability. The focal point of his agenda will be the platform of the HobbyTown #retailersfirst campaign. This campaign advocates that profits in the entire industry supply chain will follow. The gateway and instrument for hobby consumer growth is through an expanding brick & mortar retail footprint.”

Follow Wilke (@Hobby_On) and (@hobbytown) on Twitter to get involved with the #retailersfirst campaign.

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