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Hobbies run in the family for Franchise Owner Scott Dayton

Scott Dayton became a HobbyTown Franchise Owner in 1999 after leaving a career in Project Management and Aerospace Engineering. He’d grown weary of the corporate world and set his sights on owning his own retail business.

Scott’s dad was a hobby enthusiast. Though he never grabbed on to a specific hobby himself, his dad’s interest in remote controlled boats and planes made him a regular customer at HobbyTown. The nostalgia of these experiences and his familiarity with the concept led him to consider franchising with HobbyTown.

Impressed with their inventory management and bookkeeping systems as well as their relationship and dedication to existing Franchise Owners, he decided to move forward and began looking for a location. He ended up purchasing an existing hobby store in Virginia and the HobbyTown corporate team helped him to build it out and get systems in place to start operating as a HobbyTown. He and his wife opened the doors of that first store in 1999.

Early on, Dayton remembers being in the store almost every day at first. The organizational and management skills he’d learned from his time in corporate came in handy with managing day-to-day operations and he grew in his product knowledge of their inventory. They’ve since grown to five locations throughout the area with no plans of slowing down and he now spends most days in his office running the behind-the-scenes of the business.

Where Scott’s story began with him as a kid in tow with his dad, he now loves to see college-aged customers who’ve been shopping with him since they were kids. In the changing times of the always-on internet and online sales, this customer retention proves the sustainability of brick and mortar stores that provide face-to-face, stellar customer service.

With 16+ years of owning successful HobbyTown stores, Dayton shared his secret, “I follow the HobbyTown system. And it works.”

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