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When a Hobby Grows Into a Business

CEDAR RAPIDS — Niels Christensen said he’s been racing hobby-grade remote-controlled vehicles in events around the state since 1990, oftentimes taking his family along. “It turned into a family outing,” said Musetta Christensen, Niels’s wife.

Now, that weekend family outing has turned into a business. The couple decided to buy into HobbyTown, a national hobby franchise with headquarters in Lincoln, Neb., after the Cedar Rapids hobby store Box-Kar Hobbies closed its doors. “It was kind of one of those things I’ve always wanted to do,” Niels said. HobbyTown is located in 2,800-square-foot space that previously housed Box-Kar. The majority of its items includes vehicles such as cars and planes, but the store also sells drones, quadcopters, board games and puzzles.

The store also tailors to model enthusiasts. “The modeling, I didn’t think would be popular — but there’s a big market for that,” Musetta said. “It seems like big-name stores have dropped those products, so this is a niche for us.” However, the majority of its customers are racers such her husband, she said. In fact, Niels the couple recently received permission from the landlord to host remote-controlled racing in the shopping center’s parking lot this coming summer.

The benefit of buying into a franchise, rather than opening their own small business, is the help received from the national company, Niels noted. When the couple had a funeral to attend on a Saturday, for example, an employee from an out-of-town HobbyTown was able to keep the store open for them. “We could have started our own business, but we would have had to learn by fire, which would not have been good,” Niels said. Through their store and their experience, the Christensens said they hope to bring more popularity to hobby-grade interest and racing in Cedar Rapids.

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