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HobbyTown Franchise Owner J King

Finish Line Hobbies to Become a HobbyTown

HobbyTown is pleased to announce Finish Line Hobbies has joined the HobbyTown Franchise. They are planning on relocating later this year and become a full line HobbyTown. Come and check out their expanded range of product at 528 Chesterfield Hwy in Cheraw, SC 843-253-5428. Their outdoor track is not far away on Covington Rd. Stop in the store and ask for directions, they are in the process of adding a rock crawling track as well as the off road and the pad for surface racing.

The owner, Jason King, has also purchased the existing HobbyTown in Columbia, SC and he is looking to open another store in the future. Congratulations and Welcome to the HobbyTown family.

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