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HobbyTown achieves FIVE STAR designation for 2017

Based on current FDD and criteria as noted, HobbyTown has achieved the FIVE STAR designation for 2017. From the IFA Educational Foundation VetFran Committee work over the last 12 months, the VetFran Committee has unanimously adopted a new Star Program; with 5 Star, 3 Star and 1 Star designations for VetFran franchise members.

The purpose of this new “STAR” designation is to:
• Establish a clear, recognizable designation for veterans to utilize when evaluating franchise brands
• Enhance the offerings for veterans whether evaluating franchise ownership or employment opportunities with a franchise system
• Establish core, consistent standards for all franchisors to aspire to give our veterans even greater opportunities for franchise success

As an added reference, the new “STAR” designation is based upon the following qualifications:
Clean Audit Report, Minimum Veteran Discount, Years in Business (in this line of business), Years in Franchising (since first unit opened), Item 19 FPRs, Units Open, Continuity Rate over past 3 years and CFE on staff.

Congratulations to HobbyTown for scoring a 5 Star in all categories!

From the IFA VetFran Committee

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