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RadioShack Is Back and HobbyTown Is Helping Them Get There

There is quite a bit of activity taking place in the toy industry…behind the scenes. One great, emerging story is the comeback of RadioShack and how HobbyTown is working with them to make that happen. I learned about this from the New York Post’s Lisa Fickenscher in her article, “RadioShack’s comeback is taking shape”.

RadioShack currently has 400 stores but according to Fickenscher they are largely in rural locations.  Now, RadioShack will be opening “Express Stores” inside 50 HobbyTown stores. The plan, if successful, is to eventually expand out to all 140 of the hobby retailers stores.

Congratulations to Bob Wilke, HobbyTown President, for seeing the opportunity and moving aggressively to take advantage of it. And congratulations to Radio Shack for getting off the mat and back into the ring.

Bob has told me that HobbyTown is expanding its range of toys and is looking for new franchisees. Now, by offering consumers an opportunity to find all those electronic odds and ends you can only only find in a RadioShack, he is making that franchise opportunity more attractive.

More good stories to come.

Richard Gottlieb

Global Toy Experts

RadioShack’s Comeback is Taking Shape with HobbyTown!

RadioShack is baaack.

While the twice-bankrupt electronics chain didn’t totally disappear from the retail landscape, it will soon reestablish a more significant footprint across the country, The Post has learned.

The hobbled 97-year-old chain has signed a deal with HobbyTown to open “express stores” inside 50 of its partner’s stores, both companies said Friday.

The deal was signed this week, and potentially, the express stores could be opened in up to 100 of HobbyTown’s 140 stores. If successful, they could expand to all the hobby chain’s locations.

The first express stores will open next week.

RadioShack emerged from Chapter 11 reorganization in January with 400 stores — most of them in rural locations.

The HobbyTown Franchise deal will bring the stores to more suburban towns.

“This will expand their footprint quickly,” HobbyTown President Bob Wilke told The Post, adding that “Radio Shack’s merchandise and customers complement ours.”

HobbyTown Franchise is purchasing the RadioShack merchandise and offering it to its hobbyist customers who need the tools, wires and other accessories that RadioShack makes.

While the HobbyTown deal will bring RadioShack to a much larger audience, it will still pale compared with the more than 7,000 stores the chain had at its peak in 1987.

It operated more than 1,700 stores as recently as last year when it filed for Chapter 11.

Last year, in a last-ditch effort to keep its doors open prior to filing Chapter 11, RadioShack struck a partnership with Sprint, which paid it rent and commissions to run small Sprint locations in RadioShack stores.

But it was too little, too late to save the electronics chain.

“We came out of bankruptcy with 400 dealers, our online business and a distribution center,” said Steve Moroneso, chief executive of General Wireless, an affiliate of hedge fund Standard General, which acquired RadioShack in 2015.

“We are just getting started,” Moroneso said. “Our strategy today is to not own bricks-and-mortar locations.”

Next week, a HobbyTown store in Mooresville, NC, will carve out 500 square feet of its 6,000-square-foot store for the RadioShack express store — and display Radio Shack signage outside, said the store owner, Jack Hunt.

Hunt’s employees will operate the express store, he said. One service will be cellphone repair.

“We think that will differentiate us,” Hunt told The Post. “There are no other cellphone repair services in our market.”

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What Does HobbyTown and a Hollywood Star Have in Common?

Do you know who the winningest actor in all of Hollywood is? If you guessed Jack Nicholson or Meryl Streep, close but no cigar. The all-time champ is Katherine Hepburn, with four Academy Awards and 12 nominations. Some would say just making the list is an honor. We at HobbyTown couldn’t agree more.

Every year for the last 20 years, HobbyTown has achieved the equivalent of an Academy Award in the franchise industry—the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list. That is an accomplishment few companies can match.

How does a company make the list? Franchises are ranked on key factors like size and growth, financial strength, brand strength, costs and fees, and more. This year, more than 1,000 companies applied by submitting their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), a legal document that outlines every aspect of the franchise business and is presented to potential franchise buyers—and to the folks at Entrepreneur magazine.

“We are honored to be selected as the #1 hobby retailer again this year,” said Mark Moore, HobbyTown Franchise Sales Director.

HobbyTown is proud to be recognized as a leader in the hobby industry. With stores in 41 states, HobbyTown is a retailer of choice for brand fans who love coming into our stores for remote-controlled (RC) vehicles, toys, games, models, and more. Their loyalty is helping drive sales, with HobbyTown Franchise Owners, on average, having annual sales of $892, 908.*

So let’s celebrate all the hard work, smart thinking, and brand passion that went into making HobbyTown a winner yet again. If you’d like to win big by becoming a HobbyTown Franchise Owner, click the LEARN MORE button today!