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Co-branding with HobbyTown Gave A Store the Expert Support They Needed

In 2002, Arnie Clawson purchased a local hobby store in Ontario, Ohio that had been open since 1985. However, Arnie was new to the industry and wasn’t originally a hobby enthusiast. He purchased the store because he had friends in the industry and, over time, developed a love for RC airplanes and quads.

In October 2015, Arnie co-branded with HobbyTown knowing that this co-branding opportunity could bring improved margins, expanded purchasing power with more distributors, and operational tools. Arnie believed that if he had built a good store and HobbyTown was a good franchise, together they would be excellent.

From the moment he began co-branding, this proved to be true. HobbyTown’s Franchise Team came to the store for a week to help with the transition and provided what was described as “exemplary support.” The support didn’t stop there – a HobbyTown Franchise representative came back 90 days later to make sure everything was still going well. There were also system advantages—accounting, inventory management, and an advanced point-of-sale system – and the ability to learn from other HobbyTown stores.

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