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Franchise Owner Phillip Boyer is Still Revved up About HobbyTown

HobbyTown Franchise Owner Phillip Boyer loves what he does. Before he became the owner of his Buford, Georgia location, he was a store employee there for 15 years. When his boss told him of his plans to retire, Phillip jumped at the chance to buy.

“I am passionate about the hobbies featured in our store. My favorite is racing RC cars. In my store, almost 70 percent of my sales are RC cars,” he said.

One of Phillip’s favorite stories to tell is about a customer who was wheelchair-bound and came to the store for an RC car. Later, Phillip received a thank-you note from the man’s physical therapist thanking him for helping him become more active through this new found hobby.

Phillip is a hands-on kind of guy who says he works in his store six and a half days a week. He said he enjoys talking with customers and mentoring his staff, all of whom stayed on when he bought the store.

“Customers tell me that they enjoy coming to my HobbyTown because of my staff and that they are good problem solvers, especially compared to other stores they’ve shopped at. I model that professionalism for them, so I am proud of that,” Phillip said.

Recently, Phillip moved his store to a new location. He said the HobbyTown Corporate Team was extremely helpful in telling him what fixtures to buy and how to lay out the product.

“They give you a checklist that tells you exactly what to do before you open. And the Point of Sale (POS) system we have makes ordering and tracking inventory easy,” he said.

With his new store location set, Phillip is already thinking about new ways to enjoy his favorite hobby. He says he is talking with the Corporate Team about incorporating a rock-crawling track for RC cars into his store.

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A Great Holiday Season for HobbyTown Franchise

The Christmas Season for the HobbyTown Franchise has been awesome and that success continues into 2018. We want to welcome two new stores that opened right before the holidays and they hit the ground running. The first is Dave and Ryan Flippo in St George, UT. This father/son team is rocking southern Utah with an experienced staff. The other new store is Toms River, NJ. They are in a temporary space but were able to get open before Christmas and have a great store, look for Randy and Nichole Holt to move a couple doors down after the first of the year.

Congratulations to both of these new stores and to all of the HobbyTown family.

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HobbyTown Franchise Grand Opening in Modesto

HobbyTown is pleased to announce the opening of another new store. The hobby store is located in the Frontier Town Shopping Center which is at 3507 Tully Rd., Suite 90 in Modesto, CA. We want to welcome and congratulate Russel Coon Jr. & Sr. on their new store. We are very proud to have them join the HobbyTown family. We have three more new stores coming in the next few weeks: St George, UT, Palm Desert, CA and Toms River, NJ.

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Welcome a New HobbyTown: Foley, Alabama

HobbyTown is pleased to announce another hobby store to our HobbyTown franchise system. The store had their Grand Opening Event on August 4 & 5, 2017. The new HobbyTown Franchise Owners, Sheldon and Angela are eager to help with all of your hobby needs. This new HobbyTown is located at 225 West 9th Ave. in Foley, AL.

Congratulations and Welcome!

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HobbyTown Franchise Owner J King

Finish Line Hobbies to Become a HobbyTown

HobbyTown is pleased to announce Finish Line Hobbies has joined the HobbyTown Franchise. They are planning on relocating later this year and become a full line HobbyTown. Come and check out their expanded range of product at 528 Chesterfield Hwy in Cheraw, SC 843-253-5428. Their outdoor track is not far away on Covington Rd. Stop in the store and ask for directions, they are in the process of adding a rock crawling track as well as the off road and the pad for surface racing.

The owner, Jason King, has also purchased the existing HobbyTown in Columbia, SC and he is looking to open another store in the future. Congratulations and Welcome to the HobbyTown family.

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