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HobbyTown Franchise Owners Aren’t Playing Around When it Comes to Toy Sales

Last December, our friend had a serious problem. He had promised his daughter Hatchimals for Christmas but could not find them anywhere. He called stores. He obsessively looked online. He asked anyone and everyone if they had perhaps bought extras that they could sell him. No such luck. That regrettable episode in his life is... MORE »

Radio Shack Is Back and HobbyTown Is Helping Them Get There

There is quite a bit of activity taking place in the toy industry…behind the scenes. One great, emerging story is the comeback of Radio Shack and how HobbyTown is working with them to make that happen. I learned about this from the New York Post’s Lisa Fickenscher in her article, “RadioShack’s comeback is taking shape”. Radio Shack currently has... MORE »

RadioShack’s comeback is taking shape!

RadioShack is baaack. While the twice-bankrupt electronics chain didn’t totally disappear from the retail landscape, it will soon reestablish a more significant footprint across the country, The Post has learned. The hobbled 97-year-old chain has signed a deal with HobbyTown to open “express stores” inside 50 of its partner’s stores, both companies said Friday. The... MORE »

What Does HobbyTown and a Hollywood Star Have in Common?

Do you know who the winningest actor in all of Hollywood is? If you guessed Jack Nicholson or Meryl Streep, close but no cigar. The all-time champ is Katherine Hepburn, with four Academy Awards and 12 nominations. Some would say just making the list is an honor. We at HobbyTown couldn’t agree more. Every year... MORE »

Global Toy Experts: Richard Gottlieb

Posted by Richard Gottlieb I found it highly noteworthy when I heard that HobbyTown was going to take advantage of the demise of Toys R Us by aggressively growing number their franchise stores. To find out more I conducted this interview with Bob Wilke, HobbyTown President. HobbyTown Unlimited was founded in 1985 and opened the... MORE »