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HobbyTown Franchise Owners Aren’t Playing Around When it Comes to Toy Sales

Last December, our friend had a serious problem. He had promised his daughter Hatchimals for Christmas but could not find them anywhere. He called stores. He obsessively looked online. He asked anyone and everyone if they had perhaps bought extras that they could sell him. No such luck. That regrettable episode in his life is what happens when a certain item becomes a craze. Remember Furbies? Tamagotchis? It seems every year there is the “it” toy or accessory that every child cannot live without.

This is all to say that the toy industry remains strong and is getting stronger. Experts predict it will grow to $135 billion+ by 2020, even with the shuttering of Toys R’ Us locations throughout the U.S. HobbyTown is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this, with toys making up 20% of the merchandise mix in our nationwide footprint of stores in 41 states.. Hot toys this year are LOL Surprise, Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary collectibles, Breakout Beasts, NERF, pet-related toys, and perennial favorite LEGO, which offers a Mindstorms set that retails for $350!

For parents or older kids, anything remote-controlled (RC in hobby-speak) is hot, hot, hot.

Phillip Boyer is a HobbyTown Franchise Owner in Georgia. Right now, rock-crawling RC trucks are the craze in his area—so much so that he intends to build a rock-crawling track in his store. Racers compete with each other, and, no surprise, when the competition ends, they shop for tools and parts that can soup up the truck and give them an edge for the next race. That kind of customer loyalty is pure gold for our HobbyTown franchise stores.

“Our stores are the go-to for all types of fun – from games to remote control vehicles and planes,” said AJ Mallory, Director of Marketing. “The communities we serve rely on our expertise and selections for their favorite hobby or pastime.”

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HobbyTown on Local News for the Holidays

Walt’s HobbyTown was featured by WSYR-TV, an ABC news station in New York. The owner, Bruce Throne, highlighted many new products stocked in his HobbyTown this holiday season, and he even had the opportunity to show off his flying abilities in the studio!

Walt’s HobbyTown Holiday News Feature

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HobbyTown Experiences Sales Growth Over the Holidays

“According to a National Retail Federation survey, fewer consumers shopped over the Thanksgiving weekend and those who did, spent less. HobbyTown same-store average Black Friday sales were up 5% over 2013, contradicting the national retail trend. We continue to build momentum for a strong Christmas shopping season and hope to outpace the NRF forecast of 4.1% growth for holiday sales.”

-Bob Wilke, President of HobbyTown

UPDATE: HobbyTown is proud to share that we continued to have a very successful holiday season through the end of December. It was the best on record! Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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Ethos FPV Quad Now Available at HobbyTown

RTF (AZSZ2550) – $299.99 & WOT (AZSZ2552) – $269.99

Large Quad, HD Quality FPV Video, One Package
The Ares Advantage Ethos FPV is the ideal platform for budget-minded customers in the market for a large quad to take high-quality FPV video. The large size of the Ethos FPV makes it easy to see in flight and the Aegis 6-axis Flight Stability System (FSS) gives it the control you need to get the quality footage you want. A high-quality camera that films 720p HD video at 30 FPS comes installed on the Ethos FPV along with an Anti-Vibration Mount that helps hold the camera steady so you can avoid shakes and bumps in your video footage. The signal from the camera is sent to a 4 ½ inch LCD screen that mounts directly to the transmitter and receives the live feed. Also included is an Anti-Glare Shield that frames the screen to eliminate glare when flying and filming on bright, sunny days. The Ethos FPV even comes with a high speed SD memory card and a USB card reader so you can view your videos and photos nearly anywhere. With all these features coming standard on the Ethos FPV, it’s easy to see why it’s the fastest route to quality FPV aerial video!

When you’re ready to take a break from filming and just have some fun, the Ethos FPV has you covered. Like its little brother, the Ares QX 130, the Ethos FPV comes with an integrated LED light system and is capable of doing 360° flips at the touch of a button. Plus, the same fun accessories (Rocket Launcher, Water Blaster, Bubble Machine, and Winch Unit) that can be purchased separately for the QX 130 – also work with the Ethos FPV!

The Ethos FPV is RTF (Ready-To-Fly), so it arrives 100% factory-assembled. Everything needed to fly and take FPV video is included in the box. In addition to the Ethos FPV airframe, camera, and anti-vibration mount, you get a 2.4GHz standard size 4-channel transmitter (with 2 additional channels to control the camera), the 4 ½ inch LCD screen that attaches to the transmitter and receives the FPV video signal, the Anti-Glare Shield, a 1200mAh 2-cell 25C LiPo battery, an AC charger for convenient charging from almost any outlet, a high speed SD card and reader, and even the AA batteries needed to power up the transmitter. With nothing extra to buy, you can begin flying the Ethos FPV and taking quality aerial videos within minutes of opening the box!

The Ethos FPV will be available in HobbyTown stores nationwide, at, and at

Product Specifications
Length: 11.5’’ (292.1mm)
Length including rotors: 18.75’’ (476.25)
Height: 5” (127mm)
Rotor Diameter: 7.75” (196)
Weight with Battery: 11 oz. (312 grams)
Motors: 350 brushed motors with ball bearings on the prop shaft to minimize wear on the motors
Battery: 2s 7.4v 1200mAh 25C LiPo
Charger: 2S LiPo 600mAh AC charger
Transmitter: 2.4 GHz, 4-channel flight function, 2-channels for camera operation
LCD Screen: 4½ inch diagonal LCD screen
On-Board Electronics: 5-in-1 control board
SD Card: 4GB memory, C4 Data Transmission Speed (DTS)

Photo resolution: 1600 x 12 JPEG
AVI Video resolution: 720p = 1280×720 pixels (16:9), 30 FPS