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Think the HobbyTown Franchise is Fun Now? It’s About to Get 50 Times More Entertaining with RadioShack!

Walk into your local HobbyTown store and you enter a world where all your hobby dreams can come true. Inside are your favorite games, toys, and hobbies with best sellers like RC cars, action figures, and the latest board games. And now, there will be even more for hobby enthusiasts to discover as RadioShack opens its express stores within 50 HobbyTown locations starting in mid-August.

This partnership will allow hobby fans to shop for their favorite things, then head to the RadioShack just a few steps away to pick up supplies, like soldering irons, wires, and other accessories that RadioShack manufactures.

“RadioShack’s merchandise and customers complement ours,” said HobbyTown President Bob Wilke. “They get to expand their footprint quickly and we are able to offer a better experience for our loyal fans.”

The RadioShack partnership is not the only exciting news coming out of HobbyTown. We are also investing in relationships with major toy brands to bring more toys and games to the stores and adding more seasonal toys just in time for the all-important holiday selling season.

“Our Internal Merchandise Team is developing relationships with brands we’ve never carried before. You can expect brands like Mattel® and Hasbro® to start showing up on our shelves,” said AJ Mallory, Director of Marketing at HobbyTown.

One hobby enthusiast, JT, described his HobbyTown experience this way. “Go ahead, browse all the fantastic hands-on merchandise, relive your childhood, explore your curiosity, stretch your creativity,” he wrote.

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Franchise Owner Phillip Boyer is Still Revved up About HobbyTown

HobbyTown Franchise Owner Phillip Boyer loves what he does. Before he became the owner of his Buford, Georgia location, he was a store employee there for 15 years. When his boss told him of his plans to retire, Phillip jumped at the chance to buy.

“I am passionate about the hobbies featured in our store. My favorite is racing RC cars. In my store, almost 70 percent of my sales are RC cars,” he said.

One of Phillip’s favorite stories to tell is about a customer who was wheelchair-bound and came to the store for an RC car. Later, Phillip received a thank-you note from the man’s physical therapist thanking him for helping him become more active through this new found hobby.

Phillip is a hands-on kind of guy who says he works in his store six and a half days a week. He said he enjoys talking with customers and mentoring his staff, all of whom stayed on when he bought the store.

“Customers tell me that they enjoy coming to my HobbyTown because of my staff and that they are good problem solvers, especially compared to other stores they’ve shopped at. I model that professionalism for them, so I am proud of that,” Phillip said.

Recently, Phillip moved his store to a new location. He said the HobbyTown Corporate Team was extremely helpful in telling him what fixtures to buy and how to lay out the product.

“They give you a checklist that tells you exactly what to do before you open. And the Point of Sale (POS) system we have makes ordering and tracking inventory easy,” he said.

With his new store location set, Phillip is already thinking about new ways to enjoy his favorite hobby. He says he is talking with the Corporate Team about incorporating a rock-crawling track for RC cars into his store.

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Co-branding with HobbyTown Gave A Store the Expert Support They Needed

In 2002, Arnie Clawson purchased a local hobby store in Ontario, Ohio that had been open since 1985. However, Arnie was new to the industry and wasn’t originally a hobby enthusiast. He purchased the store because he had friends in the industry and, over time, developed a love for RC airplanes and quads.

In October 2015, Arnie co-branded with HobbyTown knowing that this co-branding opportunity could bring improved margins, expanded purchasing power with more distributors, and operational tools. Arnie believed that if he had built a good store and HobbyTown was a good franchise, together they would be excellent.

From the moment he began co-branding, this proved to be true. HobbyTown’s Franchise Team came to the store for a week to help with the transition and provided what was described as “exemplary support.” The support didn’t stop there – a HobbyTown Franchise representative came back 90 days later to make sure everything was still going well. There were also system advantages—accounting, inventory management, and an advanced point-of-sale system – and the ability to learn from other HobbyTown stores.

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Retail Veteran Leaves Corporate World to Become HobbyTown Franchise Owner and Never Looks Back

If ever there was a person built to be a HobbyTown Franchise Owner, that person is Gary Phillips. A lifetime lover of trains, his parents allege that his first words were, “choo choo.” He describes days when product shipments came to the store as feeling like Christmas morning, and says he has genuinely loved every single day of work since becoming a HobbyTown Franchise Owner.

Phillips is a veteran of the retail industry. He majored in retail in college and spent 24+ years working as a Manager and Buyer for a major department store. By the end of his corporate tenure, he was burned out and looking to make a career move. It was never a question of whether or not he would stay in retail, just which brand he would go with. He looked into different franchise opportunities but ultimately decided in 1999 to become a HobbyTown Franchise Owner because it fulfilled his love of retail and allowed him to spend his time “selling fun.” Regardless of the HobbyTown advantages, he never expected the relationships he would make along the way, from leaning on his Corporate Team to meeting some of his now best friends through HobbyTown events and conferences.

Seventeen years after opening, his passion for HobbyTown and the industry are as apparent as ever. He manages the day-to-day with his business partner and no two days are alike. On any given day, you may find them on the sales floor, in the office, or managing vendor relationships. With all the hustle and bustle of managing the daily operations, Gary talks about how he wishes he was younger so he could have more days in the store. He reflects on his HobbyTown ventures by saying, “Even a bad day here at the store is way better than any good day at my previous career.” Gary is nowhere near ready to give up the store, so that’s why he’s lined up his stepson to be heir of his “hobby kingdom.” The enthusiasm he has for HobbyTown comes naturally to him, “If you don’t have enthusiasm, you are in the wrong business.”

His love of the brand has created a loyal customer base for his store locations in Knoxville and Mount Juliet, TN and he likes to think of his store as a place like Cheers!, where everyone knows your name. His overall goal for the business? To create a comfortable place where you are among friends who share your passions. And, hopefully sell some things along the way.

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HobbyTown Builds on Its Strengths, Predicts a Strong 2016

HobbyTown is a business you and your family can be proud to own. We have become the foremost resource and destination for family fun and entertainment by embracing, supporting and maximizing the strengths and diversity of each Franchise Owner.

We showed strong growth in 2015 with the addition of twelve new stores. From Texas to South Dakota, Pennsylvania to California and many states in between, it was a great year for hobbyists and the Franchise Owners who share their passion. With six brand new stores and six new co-branded locations, we’re headed in the right direction.

2016 is here, and we are excited to add even more stores to the HobbyTown family. We are looking at opening multiple stores for at least six existing owners in Wisconsin, Louisiana, Michigan and Texas. Three others have signed agreements in the works, with three more already looking at locations. Plus, there are five existing independent hobby stores that are planning to co-brand with HobbyTown this year as well.

All in all, 2015 was strong and 2016 is looking even stronger. Become part of a proven system for successful hobby retailing. Hobby On!

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